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At the Cheshire Cat Club Show ~ 13th November '04 ~ Celticoon Serenola won her 1st CC and BOB in her first show as an adult.








At the Gwynedd Show ~ 17th July '04 ~ Rockoon Kissmekate won her 3rd CC to become a Champion!

Well done Kate!



photo © Alan Robinson




The Maine Coon Cat Club Show ~ 26th June '04 ~ Celticoon Taliesin won 1st (out of 7) in his Open Class







Merseyside Cat Club Show  ~  5th June 2004 ~ after a break from the show bench to have kittens, Rockoon Kissmekate won her 2nd Challenge Certificate.







At the Lancashire Cat Club Show ~ 13th March '04 ~ in her first ever show Celticoon Serenola came 2nd  in a strong Open Class of 9.









At the Merseyside Cat Club Show ~ 7th June 03 ~  Rockoon Kissmekate won her first Challenge Certificate.

This was her first show as an adult.







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