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Champion Rockoon Kissmekate


photo © Alan Robinson

          Female Brown Tabby with White

          Born 19th July 2002

          Sire: Grand Champion Atticus Pellinor

          Dam: Champion Rockoon Peggy Sue

Kate joined us in the Autumn of 2002. We are so grateful to Joy Lambeth of Rockoon Maine Coons in Cumbria for letting us have her as our first breeding queen . She has a beautiful  rich brown full coat showing classic tabby patterning.  She has matured into a gentle quiet companion and excellent mother.  She sets a very sensible example to her kittens but lets rip when they are not watching!


Doromas Binkka

Female  Tortie Tabby

          Born 17th July 2003

          Sire: Coonyham McKinley of Kassaro

          Dam: Kittycoonz Chleopatra

The newest addition to the family, we have to thank Janet Edwards of Doromas Ragdolls and Maine Coons for this lovely girl. Binkka is a tortie mackerel tabby with lovely strong features and an excellent expression finished off by most impressive lynx tips. She has settled in well and is  a chatty  girl who enjoys company. We are hoping for some beautiful kittens from her later in the year.


Celticoon Taliesin

Male Brown Tabby with White

          Born 23rd November 2003

          Sire: Champion Brocstar Kincaid

          Dam: Champion Rockoon Kissmekate

'Tal' is our only male neuter. He is developing into a large  well proportioned boy  of good type showing good classic tabby patterning in his luxurious silky coat. His stocky appearance belies his soft nature. A very chatty and affectionate boy, he is usually up to some sort of mischief but loves nothing better than a good cuddle!


Celticoon Serenola

Female Silver Tortie Tabby

          Born 23rd November 2003

          Sire: Champion Brocstar Kincaid

          Dam: Champion Rockoon Kissmekate

'Seren'  is our youngest girl. A pretty silver tortie  classic tabby with lots of colour she is developing nicely . She has the sweetest temperament with a very calm nature . Despite this, she can often be found  aiding and abetting her brother in his tomfoolery. She loves water and has recently taken to sleeping in the kitchen sink!


and not forgetting...




 Our very own moggy.

This cat can detect a lap at 40 paces. She was a RSPCA rescue case and we think she is about 7 years old. She has an incredibly soft  short haired coat with mackerel tabby markings and pristine white. She is always on the lookout for leftovers and, consequently, is usually on a diet. 


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