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~~~~Latest news and pictures~~~~

Doromas Binkka had six kittens on the 21st December 2004.

Below pictured at nearly 5 weeks old


From left to right:

Lily, Emmy, Molly, Berry, Lettie and Pip










Emmy and Berry...

Lettie and Molly....












At 2 1/2 weeks:




Celticoon Brandy Flip ('Pip')

Brown mackerel tabby boy












Celticoon Molly Moonshine ('Molly')

Silver tortie mackerel tabby










Celticoon Cranberry Bear ('Berry')

Red classic tabby boy








Celticoon Clementine ('Emmy')

Red silver classic tabby girl











Celticoon Little Cracker ('Lettie')

Red silver classic girl








Celticoon Winter Lily ('Lily')

Cream classic girl







Mum and babies are doing great..

Dad is Champion Brocstar Kincaid of Purdyston Maine Coons.



Champion Rockoon Kissmekate had one brown tabby and white boy, Celticoon Augustus on October 19th. Dad is Champion Brocstar Kincaid of Purdyston Maine Coons.

Gus is now living with Debbie, Martin, Christian and Izzy in the beautiful mountains of North Wales. Lucky him!





Gus at 7 weeks.














Gus at 11 weeks











Celticoon Serenola has been mated to Champion Kassaro Second Chance. Kittens are due around 16th March. Possible colours: Brown tabbies, silver tabbies, tortie tabbies.


~~~~Previous litters ~~~~

Champion Rockoon Kissmekate had two beautiful kittens on 23rd November 2003. A silver tortie tabby girl ~ Celticoon Serenola ~ and a brown tabby with white boy ~ Celticoon Taliesin.

Dad is Champion Brocstar Kincaid, a red silver tabby owned by Linda Calvert of Purdyston Maine Coons, Yorkshire. 

Both the kittens have  stayed with us and have grown to be fantastic companions for our family as well as each other and the other cats in our home. They are rarely apart and are a constant source of amusement with plenty of chaos thrown in!


Serenola and Taliesin at 5 ½ weeks..


...and at 4 months.


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Kitten Plans

Our next litters are expected  to arrive  March and April  2005.

For further information contact Sara at




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