How many kittens can you get into one small bed?










Waiting for lunch..












All this growing is wearing me out!

Celticoon Cranberry at 2 1/2 weeks











Gus cuddling up to big sister










Tal ~ babysitting for his little brother










Gus ~ meeting Seren - 5 weeks old












Tal ~ up to no good...again

Oct '04














Seren & Binkka ~ October 2004









Fly - watching!

Kate, Seren & Tal - October 04









Please.....may I come to school with you?












Jungle cat ~ Seren in the grass.













Tal ~ testing the TV stand








Seren .....the water baby.  





















Me and my shadow.....




























Binkka  ~ July 04









Watching the world go by ~ Spring 04











One of those mother and daughter moments ~

Kate and Seren ~ June 04










Tal ~ June 04 ~ 7 months old.











(What she doesn't know is that, when she's not looking, I'm going to open this window with my tail and nip and get some fish and chips.)










Another girlie moment.









Unbelievable ~ the doors are open!












Sasha ~ admiring the view.











Kate taking some  air ~ July 03 ~ 1 year old










Tal & Seren ~ 7 weeks old ~ laying claim to the dining table already...










....and the bed











  ..and the sofa.






Photos updated regularly ~ so keep watching!



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